This would require too much common sense to be led by the DOE. #netDE


Despite the strong medical evidence of the need for adolescents to obtain at least 8, and  preferably 9, hours of sleep every night to maximize their neural development, a strong resistance to a delayed high school start time exists in many localities across the U.S. School districts are very complex organisms that link bureaucratic structures with community norms and family life patterns, and where homeostasis or maintenance of the status quo is probably the strongest force against adopting a later start time for high schools. However, given the analyses summarized here, there are clear benefits for students whose high schools start at 8:30 AM or later. This would include, for teens who reported they got at least 8 hours of sleep per night, that they were more likely to say they have good overall health and were less likely to report being depressed or using caffeine and other substances (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, other drugs). Other positive findings include a significant reduction in local car crashes, less absenteeism, less tardiness, as well as higher test scores on national achievement tests. Most of the research completed prior to the study being reported here has been conducted in single districts, with none examining multiple school districts in multiple locations across the U.S.,using identical metrics to assess changes. Replications of this study would go a long way in confirming what appear to be substantive findings

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This is what Ed Reformers are doing to 5 year olds. #netDE @dwablog @DSEA1

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@DelExcels puts out propaganda video suggesting that pre-CCSS instruction from @DSEA1 members was subpar in Delaware. #rigorFTW

I call bullshit. Also, in first frame video sponsored by America Achieves, check them out, here:


It always goes back to Gates with DE initiatives. Always.