Jeb “Common Core” Bush is unloading new data – about himself.

Reclaim Reform

Well, get ready.
Jeb “Common Core” Bush is unloading new data – about himself.

(Important: This is NOT about democrats or republicans. This is about rebranding and the dismantling of public education and other public services for private control and profit.)

IMG_7969Jeb tells us how smart he himself is and how different he and his brother, George W, are.
Even their policies differ because Jeb’s policies are.
Are what?
Better. New. Improved.
Says who?
Jeb himself.

Salon Magazine describes the new and improved Jeb and his policies – according to Jeb and his handlers. “It may be the most comically obvious attempt we’ve seen yet in the 2016 proto-campaign from Jeb’s handlers to show that he’s not an idiot like his elder brother, the former President Bush. The piece is filled with effusive quotes about how bookish and wonky and smart Jeb Bush is. Rarely is an image-crafting piece so…

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