Congratulations to DE PTA’s Federal Legislative Chair

Kilroy's Slower Delaware

Delaware’s PTA has come a long way from baking cookies and doing fundraisers! As you can see here Delaware PTA put Red Clay insensitive overambitious special ed inclusion plan in the timeout corner!     

After hours of work, meetings, research, op-eds in the newspaper, bloggers, social media postings, numerous public meetings (and a lot of coffee!), the vote was scheduled for the March School Board meeting. Hundreds of PTA members,dressed in a Red Shirt, attended the meeting. We each went to the micro phone and just said “VOTE NO!” After 2 and half hours of this, there were four proposals. The first one, 6 NOs and 1 YES! The other three did not even get a second to the motion. We did it! We were successful in showing the school board that the plan was inadequate and inappropriate. We were effective in showing…

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