All Parents!!! Demand Your Money Back From The PTA


Businesses:  refuse all contributions…..

The PTA is a sham… In their statement they pride themselves “on being a powerful voice for children, a relevant resource for parents, and a strong advocate for public education.”

As any follower knows, one cannot be such and still be in favor of Corporate Run Common Core..  That is impossible.  Like being on the moon and the sun at the same time… is impossible…

This group does not represent parents… It is as if an abolitionist society in 1850 breezed through the South collecting items of value donated from slaves and then, turns around, giving them over to the plantation’s owners…

It is as if a pro-Jewish organization, collected donations from Jews in 1937 to help the fight against the Anti-Antisemitism in Germany, and then turned around and give them over to Hitler….

Did you donate to the PTA?  What did you get for your donation?…

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