Why is @DSEA1, @RodelDE, @DEDeptofED, and @DelawarePTA trading in CENSORSHIP??? @dwablog #comments #netDE #eduDE @TNJ_malbright #deedchat

Multiple comments submitted, some documented on this blog and Twitter and now DelExcels.org has turned off all comments?

Seriously, this is Rodel 101. But the real question is why is the DSEA supporting a website with a blog that does not permit an open dialog? Clearly Rodel has the keys to the DelExcels.org website.

Why does the Deaware PTA think it’s OK to tell parents to go screw themselves?

Frankly, it’s expected from the Delaware DOE and Rodel, but the PTA and teachers union?

For Shame!


3 thoughts on “Why is @DSEA1, @RodelDE, @DEDeptofED, and @DelawarePTA trading in CENSORSHIP??? @dwablog #comments #netDE #eduDE @TNJ_malbright #deedchat

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