Generally,I dislike cats. However, this one is pretty damn cool.

This dog? Yeah, not cool. Bad F*^$(&g dog!


4 thoughts on “Generally,I dislike cats. However, this one is pretty damn cool.

  1. Joanne Christian

    Darnit John–I can blog, pin,tweet,link,post,tumble,follow,and share you but heck if I can find a darn email address!!! Help a sister out otay?!! YOU have my contact stuff……thanks buddy.

  2. Joanne Christian

    Oh, and the cat is cool. Couldn’t you at least point a nasty paw at that villianous canine?! 🙂 At least some kind of black eye…..Man’s Best Friend becomes Mom’s Worst Nightmare….or Cat Has Nine Lives and Saves One?? Those darn dogs never get bad press:)!! Instead, you give us……I don’t like cats, still won’t like cats, but OK this gets a mention…….wow, your rough. Geez, cats even use litter boxes!!! And catch mice…..and bathe themselves….and rarely upset a neighbor, and never the mailman…..and live on crumbs of a compliment :)……

    Thanks for posting, oh and congratulations on that —what was it you were running for????—-Dodgers Fan Club prez, or Charter School Social Chair or something? I know you will be right on it in continued expose’ like Little Kitty Caped Hero! 🙂 And I’ll help. Good work John…

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