Peter Greene: Did Connecticut Discover a Way to Measure Grit?

Diane Ravitch's blog

In the ever-ending boundaries of educational science, there is a new frontier: measuring grit.

Peter Greene discovers a striking phenomenon: apparently Connecticut has unlocked the secret of Grittology.

“I am sure that all of us, all around the country, want to know how this is done. I am sure that phones are ringing off the hook in CT DOE offices as other educational thought leaders call to ask for the secret of grittological measurements.

“Was it a physical test? Did they make teachers do the worm for a thousand yards? Did they make teachers peel onions and sing “memories” while watching pictures of sad puppies, all without crying? Did they have to compete in three-armed wheelchair races? Were they required to complete a season of the Amazing Race as participants? Did they have to stand stock still while being pelted with medium-sized canteloupes?

“Or perhaps it was a study…

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