Breaking News: Tennessee Legislature Rolls Back Test-Based Teacher Evaluation Law

When will Delaware’s GA wake up?

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In a stunning reversal,the Tennessee Legislature overwhelmingly repealed a law to evaluate teachers by test scores, and the law was swiftly signed by Governor Haslam. On a day when Arne Duncan withdrew Washington State’s failure to enact test-based teacher valuation system, this is a remarkable turn of events.

Joey Garrison of The Tennessean reports:

“Gov. Bill Haslam has signed into law a bill that will prevent student growth on tests from being used to revoke or not renew a teacher’s license — undoing a controversial education policy his administration had advanced just last summer.

“The governor’s signature, which came Tuesday, follows the Tennessee General Assembly’s overwhelming approval this month of House Bill 1375 / Senate Bill 2240, sponsored by Republicans Rep. John Forgety and Sen. Jim Tracy, which cleared the House by a unanimous 88-0 vote and the Senate by a 26-6 vote.

“That marked a major repudiation of a…

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Tennessee Legislature Rolls Back Test-Based Teacher Evaluation Law

  1. Being totally serious, now, the feedback I get from those against Common Core in the legislature, is that they are all too busy. Each has their special projects they are nursing through this session, all touch and go, and are focused on what they can accomplish, and are unwilling to squander their time on things that might not yield results…

    So a demand has to be created first, and they will then have to follow it… Perhaps if you gave Rick Jensen a call? Did you hear over 20,000 parents showed up at the capitol to protest common core in Tennessee?

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