Dear Star-Ledger Editorial Board: Stop it. Cami needs to go.


When I saw the title “Cami Anderson takes a hit in Newark’s school wars: Editorial,” I thought for a second that the Star-Ledger’s days as premier Anderson apologists might be coming to an end.

And then I actually read the editorial.

Referencing Newark’s religious leaders’ “scathing rebuke” of the State Superintendent, the Star-Ledger Editorial Board concluded that “the politics around [Anderson’s] school reform effort have become untenable.”

The politics around her reform effort have become untenable?  Not her reforms themselves?  (Does that even make sense?)

The immediate problem with this editorial is that its authors label Anderson’s Two Newarks One Newark plan as a “community relations effort.” Given that Anderson’s goals include firing veteran teachers, importing Teach for America corps members, closing neighborhood schools, and turning Newark’s children over to private management companies, I’d say the “community relations effort” label is a ridiculous misnomer.

As for the “worthwhile” reforms the Star-Ledger insists should…

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