Vision 2015 chief subtly continues the “Delaware schools are bad” approach to ed-reform. #netDE #eduDE

Ernie Dianastasis begins his News Journal editorial this way:

Delaware was in the spotlight this past week when U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited to see firsthand the progress made here as a result of Race to the Top. While we should feel good about the direction we are going, I left that meeting with a sense of urgency, focus and shared ownership.

So, we should feel good because we were visited by the U.S. Secretary of Education, a man who has never taught in a school, nor turned a single one around? Because of progress as a “result of” RTTT with no citation of what that progress is, perhaps because no discernible progress has been made, or maybe because Mr. Dianastasis’ progress definition is arbitrary. Apparently,flat NAEP scores is progress, or foisting the 3rd different standardized test in 5 years is progress. Who knows really? Apparently he does, and teachers don’t.

When is comes to SINOs, he condescends to our teachers again, like the reformers always do:

As we continue our efforts to improve our schools by building on the massive amount of work already underway through RTTT, we need to listen to our educators and make course corrections on strategy, but we also need to keep moving forward, together. The world won’t wait, and neither should our kids.

Yeah, we’ll listen, but we won’t stop. Because kids. And teachers don’t care about kids. That’s the message here. Period. Oh and to ad insult, he drops in the “together” line. Classic. Tough talk from an organization that has 261 days left to fulfill its destiny. Sounds desperate.

As far as urgency, we should make sure that we don’t get beat by 3 other SEAs/LEAs that aren’t in Delaware. Because competition:

While Delaware has done some great work to lay the foundation for an amazing system of public schools, Secretary Duncan also shared that Tennessee, Washington, D.C., and Hawaii are moving faster in terms of results

What results? Like delaying the Common Core and its onerous and useless standardized tests in Tennessee? Well, perhaps Vision 2015 is on to something.