Harker on TDC


3 thoughts on “Harker on TDC

  1. John Kowalko

    1 minute and 47 seconds of uninterrupted (except by bald-face lies-e.g. blackout threatened in January (not true) would have darkened UofD buildings (not true) Power Plant TDC would have relieved that threat (not true-since threat was predicated on natural gas shortfall that forced Hay Road to go to oil generation which is not an option under TDC fantasy) and some people, in the area and/or university, support it, (absolutely untrue since Harker and Scott Douglass do not live in the area leaving the usual suspects of support known as anonymous) This is a disgrace and should be protested by every faculty member with a conscience.
    John Kowalko

  2. John. If you see this, was the blackout due to low natural gas stocks? If so that would have affected the TDC in future tense if it goes forward, thereby removing the entire argument for having a power plant in the first place… The power plant is there to insure uninterrupted power. If gas can’t keep up now, (and we will be using much more here with a power plant as opposed to without a power plant,) then the power won’t remain uninterrupted….

    As for Harker, I may not know much but when someone lies 5 times in under a minute and 47 seconds, he is usually trying to hide something….

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