Delaware’s Chief for Change balks at DSEA suggestion that DPAS-IIR is an invalid evaluation tool.

Check out his quote in the paper. Read it 2-3 times. Then ask yourself: “Does he have any proof?”

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said in a statement it would be unwise to halt the evaluations.

“While we are seeing positive results in the classroom and teachers are receiving more feedback, we are committed to continuing to work with our educators to improve,” Murphy said. “However, placing a hold on the use of student growth would move us backward and would deny everyone in our system the feedback that will help them ensure our students graduate ready to succeed in college or career.”

Just the same old college and career talking points and an unsubstantiated claim of “moving backward” which is a rhetorical mechanism to suggest the evaluations are what has been moving us “forward” which apparently he believes – flat DCAS and flat NAEP last year?  I sure hope our electeds see this BS and call it what it is.


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