State Rep. Darryl Scott (D-Rodel) tells teachers to go fly a kite on evaluation concerns. #netDE #eduDE

Folks, it’s subtle, but Rep. Darryl Scott is quoted in the News Journal article regarding the DSEA letter to legislators here:

Rep. Darryl Scott, D-Dover, who chairs the House Education Committee, said he’s not sure yet what kind of traction DSEA’s letter might find among legislators. Scott acknowledged that teachers have “specific and legitimate concerns” about the evaluations.

“I don’t think we can adequately address this in a year, but I also don’t think an indefinite moratorium is an answer,” Scott said. “I think we need to have all of our stakeholders sit down and work out a definite timeline, and we need to drive towards that timeline and stay on track.”

Scott said the state needs to find a balance that addresses educators’ concerns but continues to push for progress.

So, check out his very measured words: “I think we need to have all of our stakeholders sit down and work out a timeline”

  • who are the stakeholders? Intentionally vague. I’m sure he means Rodel.
  • notice he does NOT say solution to the problem. This is intentional. He does not believe there is a problem.
  • staying on track is the concern, not the flawed evaluation system. He is shining brightly here as Markell’s mouthpiece

The author characterizes Rep. Scott’s overall message to one of finding a balance of teacher’s concerns and a “push for progress”.

  • progress defined as using junk science evaluations and the continued vilification of teachers?
  • address concerns? Nothing about solving/eliminating their concerns.

Why can’t more of our elected officials just support teachers without obfuscating to support an agenda. Senator Townsend seems to get it:

Sen. Bryan Townsend, D-Newark, said teachers have faced too much instability when it comes to evaluations, noting the system has been overhauled three times in five years. He believes the state should take as much time as needed to come up with one that will last.

“I haven’t met a teacher yet who doesn’t believe in good evaluations. The issue is, what is the best way to do it?” Townsend said. “What we’ve got right now is this big elegant dance that’s so onerous from a bureaucratic perspective. And if you look at the results, it just has obvious flaws.”

Rep. Scott is in the bag for the Governor and not a friend of our teachers it seems. It just gets clearer on that point, every time he makes a statement or casts a vote. I am anxious to see if the DSEA’s letter turns into meaningful legislative action that takes the form of a bill and not another bullshit task force. I realize this is nowhere near as important as making sure we create slush funds for charter schools with no rules or protecting schools from asking application questions in clear violation of Plyler v Doe. One can always dream though, right?



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