Beware the PISA lies being told by @GovernorMarkell @DEStateBoardED @DEDeptofED and @ArneDuncan #eduDE #netDeE @dwablog

Behold the truth:





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2 thoughts on “Beware the PISA lies being told by @GovernorMarkell @DEStateBoardED @DEDeptofED and @ArneDuncan #eduDE #netDeE @dwablog

    1. John Young

      Absolutely not. I am saying that corporatist leaning ed reformers, like Markell and Murphy use PISA data to convince us that we are performing poorly and are in dire straights against the “world”

      The truth is, we are better than the rest of the world across all poverty levels.

      Our problem is our intense poverty. This has nothing to do with poor kids not being provided a good education because they are poor.

      Take your trumped up anger and proceed directly to Dover.

      All kids deserve a great education, not these bullshit reforms.

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