Delaware DOE attempts to execute Facebook beat down of DE teacher regarding origins of CCSS. #DOEgoesBIGPIMPIN’ again for

The DEDOE has zero credibility on the issue. Why would the DSEA vote no confidence, UNANIMOUSLY, on implementation if DOE was doing as great a job as they think they are? #riddlemethat #confirmationbias #mirrorisneeded



  • Mike MatthewsCCSS=Corporate, for-profit standards

    No parent involvement. No teacher involvement. Its conception shroud in secrecy. No transparency. This is not how this should have happened.

    It’s sad that DoE continues the propaganda machine.

  • Delaware Department of Education (DDOE)Sounds like you’ve received some bad information. The facts: Teachers were involved. The Common Core drafting process relied on teachers and standards experts from across the country. In addition, many state experts came together to create the most thoughtful and transparent process of standard setting. This was only made possible by many states working together. Teacher and parent groups,
    such as the PTA and the National Education Association, played an integral role providing specific and constructive
    feedback to drafts.
  • Delaware Department of Education (DDOE)In Delaware specifically, parents and teachers, with leadership from DPTA and DSEA, have been key partners and advocates in the implementation.
  • Delaware Department of Education (DDOE)The state, in partnership with DPTA, DSEA and Rodel Foundation, recently launched a new standards and assessment website, where you can find answers to more FAQs:

    To inform all Delawareans about the changing education standards and assessments
  • Mike MatthewsI’ve seen the list of people involved in the creation of CCSS. Mostly college professors, government folks, and business interests. David Coleman is the big architect. Never taught a day in his life.
    DelExcels is a joke. It’s a hyped-up PR machine in response to the growing concern surrounding CCSS and the fact that the initial meetings remain secret, weren’t open to the public or to public comment.

    You can continue to bounce this ball all you want, but it’s clear the emperor known as CCSS has no clothes. When you don’t involve all different kinds of stakeholders in the development of something (or CCSS) then don’t be surprised when those key stakeholders get a little miffed when something is being shoved down their throats with no chance for review, comment, or revision.

    And not to mention the implementation of CCSS (under the assumed direction of state DoE with supports from LEAs) has been such a hot mess that DSEA’s Rep Assembly voted two weeks ago on a vote of no confidence.

    Again — it’s not necessarily the standards. It’s the non-transparent and unaccountable process under which they were created that has so many up in arms.

  • Delaware Department of Education (DDOE)The Standards Development Teams –
    English Language Arts Development Team –
    o 18 education or content experts
    o 17 English professors or education professors
    specialized in the teaching of English and literacy
    o 16 state department of education staff members
    o 7 current classroom teachers
    o 5 local school district staff members
    Mathematics Development Team* –
    o 32 research mathematicians or education professors
    specialized in the teaching of mathematics
    o 23 state department of education staff members
    o 9 local school district staff members
    o 9 education or content experts
    o 7 current classroom teachers
    Key stakeholders assembled groups to provide feedback to
    the development teams –
    o Teachers: American Federation of Teachers,
    National Education Association, National Council
    of Teachers of Mathematics, National Council of
    Teachers of English
    o Parents: National Parent Teacher Association
    o States: State teams, including teachers and parents,
    organized by governors and state education chiefs
  • Mike MatthewsNames and schools. Also minutes from all working groups and meetings. Oh wait…
  • Delaware Department of Education (DDOE)The development teams included distinguished members such as:
    Hung-Hsi Wu, Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus Department of Mathematics, University of California – Berkeley
    William McCallum, Lead, Mathematics Head, Department of Mathematics, The University of Arizona
    Senior Consultant, Achieve Marilyn Jager Adams,
    Research Professor,
    Department of Cognitive and
    Linguistic Sciences,
    Brown University
    Carol D. Lee,
    Professor of Learning Sciences
    & African American Studies
    Northwestern University
    President, American
    Educational Research
  • Mike MatthewsI’d like to see the guest list of who attended this Delaware event on a “hot June day.”

    Was DoE there?…/10/the-schoolmaster/309091/

  • Mike MatthewsMinutes? Report-outs of committees? Where’s the transparency?
  • Delaware Department of Education (DDOE)Yes, this was a DOE-organized statewide professional development to which every district and charter was invited and most (if not all) sent teams. The media (The News Journal) also covered this.
  • Mike MatthewsWait…were those statewide PDs before or after CCSS was drafted and approved?
  • Delaware Department of Education (DDOE)The June conference you are referencing was in June 2012. The reporter who wrote the article (dated Sept. 2012) also was there.

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