This Teacher Can No Longer Tolerate Bill Gates’ Ignorance and Apathy

Teachers' Letters to Bill Gates

Unknown Dear Bill Gates,

This is now the third letter I am publishing on, a website that, by now, you surely must be well aware exists. There have been over 150 heartfelt and emotional posts published in the nine or so months since its inception, yet you have chosen, thus far, to ignore them all.

And that is the reason for my third letter to you today. I don’t know how I can tolerate your ignorance – your apathy – for much longer. Especially when I read “news” that quotes you as saying, “Maybe we can’t answer every tweet or post, but the authoritative voice on this is teachers.” Do you REALLY believe this, Bill? I doubt it.

Because if you had, you certainly would have at least taken a moment to address its existence.  But you can’t. Why? Because you’re too busy touting your claims of…

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