Rep. Baumbach’s Christina town hall. #netDE #eduDE #CSD

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Thank you, Representative Baumbach

On Thursday night, I attended the second town hall meeting held by Representative Paul Baumbach.  Members of the Christina School District administration headed by Superintendent Freeman Williams was there, along with Representative John Kowalko as well as Christina board member, John Young .
Scheduled for 7:00-8:30pm the meeting ran over for the best of reasons, there was communication! Members of the public who attended asked important questions and offered meaningful comments. School officials and both Representative Baumbach and Represntative Kowalko offered candid insights into what they face as legislators. Mr. Young offered his perspective on the challenges facing the district with clarity and a welcome frankness.
Originally, I had intended write a description of the meeting and include quotes but I’ve changed my mind. The reason? I’m mildly angry. I’m angry that more parents of children in the district didn’t come, there was certainly room. I’m angry because I know somewhere today someone will be saying to a friend or family member, “You can’t talk to the big shots in the Christina School District, they are never around”. Well, to those complainers all I can say, “The school district leadership were there……. elected officials were there……..where were you?

4 thoughts on “Rep. Baumbach’s Christina town hall. #netDE #eduDE #CSD

  1. minnehanh

    Last night was one of the nights for Senior Project presentations and I was asked to be a judge so I was not able to get to Paul’s meeting. I think, however, his town hall meetings are important opportunities for parents to have a voice. I have attended in the past and was rather surprised to see so few in attendance. This is the kind of opportunity that parents/teachers/legislators/district folks can and should take advantage of. I commend Rep Baumbach for continuing to listen to his constituents!

  2. minnehanh

    Kavips, can you please send me the bill number? The site you listed here says it’s a bill not introduced yet~! Thanks so much.

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