Great Opinion Piece in NY Times: “Save Us from the SAT”

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A wonderful article appeared in today’s New York Times about the SAT. While the letters columns and the talking heads were discoursing on the meaning of the redesign of the SAT, Jennifer Finney Boylan, recounted her own tortured experience taking the SAT. She offers no hope that the changes are anything more than cosmetic.

Her view:

“All in all, the changes are intended to make SAT scores more accurately mirror the grades a student gets in school.

“The thing is, though, there already is something that accurately mirrors the grades a student gets in school. Namely: the grades a student gets in school. A better way of revising the SAT, from what I can see, would be to do away with it once and for all.

“The SAT is a mind-numbing, stress-inducing ritual of torture. The College Board can change the test all it likes, but no single exam…

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