Milwaukee: Poster District for the Failure of Corporate Reform

Diane Ravitch's blog

Bob Peterson here writes about the fate of Milwaukee which is a model city for almost every bad idea of the corporate reform movement.

Milwaukee has had vouchers and charters since 1990. The voucher schools and charter schools do not outperform the public schools. The public schools have disproportionate numbers of students with special needs, who Re not wanted by the voucher and charter schools.

Some of the charter and voucher schools are abysmal and should never have been funded or kept open.

On the NAEP, Milwaukee is one of the nation’s lowest performing districts.

The current school board now wants to turn its lowest-performing schools into charters, even though their record is no better than public schools.

The public schools are slowly and surely dying. The children are not benefitting.

One of our nation’s basic democratic institutions is being abandoned by those responsible for its health.

This is called…

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