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The Louisiana Department of Education rushed and ruined the implementation of Common Core, on purpose and for quick cash

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I’ve been researching this story for close to 4 months now talking to local superintendents, teachers, parents, teacher leaders, and both pro and con Common Core folks. I’ve been following tips and reviewing internal documents that were sent out to school districts as well as listening to accounts of what local educational leaders were told in person.

What I was surprised to discover is that LDOE, despite their protestations to the contrary and despite a lot of supporting evidence, is not entirely incompetent. This is the line of reasoning John White wants you to believe, that the Common Core rollout was just handled poorly, and now he is using a 10 year phased in approach. (This makes everything alright, right?) This gradual, phased-in approach was recommended hundreds of times to John White from teachers unions, BESE members and education leaders across the state and discarded out of hand.


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Teachers Speaking out Against Common Core – (What was promised, was not what was delivered)

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This information comes from our friends at LAPACC, Louisiana Parents Against Common Core.

In this post, you will find the testimony of a Louisiana teacher. The identity of this teacher will not be revealed, you will just have to trust that we have verified this to be from an actual teacher.

We hope that this brave teacher’s testimony will open the flood gates. We invite each and every Louisiana teacher to send us their up close and personal look at what Common Core is doing to education. All you have to do is email

Thank you, brave teacher. We thank you and support you!!!

Teacher Testimony:

“Common Core.” I first heard those words uttered only a few years back. I still remember going to a fellow classroom teacher’s room during my planning period to watch a state education webinar that gave some very “basic” information about it. After…

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