The Power of Kilroy. #netDE #eduDE

First he serenades us with this:

Just got a call from happy inside rat at DE DOE. Rumor at this point of course! Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy has put in his resignation effective June 30, 2014. Again rumor! Also, shaky but I’ll take it he’ll be working for Chiefs for Change.

Again Rumor! Don’t start throwing the confetti yet.

Then, local and national media follow up:



So, who really knows?


3 thoughts on “The Power of Kilroy. #netDE #eduDE

  1. Lol… since none of them speak the truth anyways, I have yet to hear Common Core accurately portrayed, I think you just proved it beyond a doubt that it is true… I couldn’t help but think of Baghdad Bob’s denials during the invasion. “Its not true” he said seriously “It’s a pack of lies”, lol.. Time for Brandywine’s super to step up….

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