@GovernorMarkell education water-carrier, Rep. Darryl Scott (D-Rodel) attacks CSD with lies.

Rep. Scott’s twitter stream:

Let’s talk about the $29M he alleges CSD to be stockpiling. In DE, school districts run their finances around the tax collection schedules of the counties since they collect local share. Tax bills are issued in Jul-August and are due by Sept 30th. This means that each Spring into Summer, school districts are facing dwindling/no receipts yet are facing the end of summer and return to school. The STATE of DE requires districts to end the fiscal year (June 30th) with monies to cover expenses through October 1st: this is called RESERVES.  Darryl Scott (D-Rodel), a former school board member (and more recently, edreform Kool-Aid drinker), KNOWS this. To misrepresent EOY reserves as SURPLUS in order to suggest that CSD is being derelict in our expenditures on behalf of our students is irresponsible at best, and willfully Markellian at worst: framing responsible protections of children to advance a political agenda. CSD has had a checkered past on fiscal responsibility, has paid its dues and its loans and has a current BOE that works hard to ensure we do not return to a bad position like that ever again.

Rep. Scott (D-Rodel) seizes upon his vast ignorance and flings it at CSD indiscriminately, probably expecting us to back down. Well, he doesn’t know us, or our BOE members very well I say. Rep. Scott (D-Rodel) is a coward and a bully. Here’s his 1st attempt to prove our RESERVES:

Then corrected, sheepishly once called out again:

Rep. Scott (D-Rodel) uses this tag line on his twitter page: “doing my best to be part of the solution not the problem”

Well, you have a long way to go from what I can tell sir. A very long way.


2 thoughts on “@GovernorMarkell education water-carrier, Rep. Darryl Scott (D-Rodel) attacks CSD with lies.

  1. I thought everyone knew you didn’t run out of money on June 30th…. but had to wait for the September count until you get funded…..

    If this is what is pushing Delaware’s education policy through the House, we’re in trouble. Not we personally. We graduated long time ago. But our children are in grave danger….

    That kind of juvenile mistake is similar to owing the IRS taxes on your 1040, and sending it off without a check, then calling the IRS and demanding where your (nonexistent) refund was, because you wrote it down……..

    People don’t make mistakes like that.

    Darryl strikes me as someone who just recently discovered the DOE website… like last week?

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