Markellian Myths About Common Core


Yesterday Bloomberg had a piece co-written by our own Jack Markell on Common Core… Inside were some myths.  I would like to point them out. (Like the myth of Santa Claus I too so wish these myths were true, (sigh) but they aren’t)

Myth 1:

This is a pivotal moment.   No, that passed when Common Core was created and the decision was made to create it in secret as if it were a corporate campaign.  Oh wait.  It is.  This allowed for a one-sided approach determining what ideal education is supposed to be.  That result  is designed for one type of student—the verbal learner with exceptional executive functioning skills.  The other 99% of humanity is in trouble.  Hence the pivotal point was at its creation.  We are now in mop- up operations removing damaging leftovers …

Myth 2:

Support for Common Core is now wavering in the…

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