Why VAM is a SHAM! #netDE #eduDE


5 thoughts on “Why VAM is a SHAM! #netDE #eduDE

  1. MHS

    does CSD still contract with a company that calculates growth and value added metrics for your internal interim assessments? I thought that you used to use a company out of North Carolina that specializes in value added growth models and doing the calculations on district developed assessments. Does your district still contract to have those calculations outsourced? How does CSD utilize that data? I ask because I see the many posts from you about VAM and I knew that CSD used to be the only district, at least that I knew about in the state, that actually utilized a VAM metric within their district assessment tools.

      1. MHS

        Are you sure about that answer??? SAS Institute does value added modeling for states, districts, and schools – that was who I thought had been hired by CSD to do VAM calculations on their interim assessments, RTI assessments, and coordinate those with the DCAS data a few years back. Based on the state check book it appears that your answer above was not true last year: this is on the State checkbook under Christina School District expenses for last year.

        Did you vote not to continue to work with them? Why was that work discontinued, it seems to me it may have actually given you the data needed to do an alternate evaluation system and many other growth metrics that the state doesn’t use. Also, note they still cite CSD as a client…

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