The DSEA acts like a victim of abuse sometimes. #netDE #eduDE

Governor Jack Markell, elected in 2008 and inaugurated in January 2009, immediately poached a Broad trained superintendent from Christina and set upon 5 years of unfettered, corporate style education reform. A list of his doings:

  • Race to the Top
  • Institution of Federally mandated school turnaround models
  • Elimination of Minner Math and Reading teachers
  • Institution of PLCs and CCSS with no meaningful teacher input
  • A TELL Delaware survey that has yield not on publicly available plan
  • zero raises for DE state employees and a threatened 8% cut that was reduced to a 2% cut
  • a take back on the 2010 27th paycheck for some
  • over 15 million unrestored cuts to education spending in DE, costing jobs
  • a complete reversal on campaign promises to fix inequities caused by DE charter school law
  • creation of a slush fund for DE charter schools which are taking jobs from DSEA educators
  • the deployment of Component V which governs teacher evaluation and has ZERO evidence of efficacy

The list goes on and on and on.

Then, this week, in this article:

I see this quote:

“We think it’s important to look for ways to fairly compensate people for what you think is valuable,” said Frederika Jenner, president of DSEA, the state’s largest teacher union. “And it’s obvious our governor thinks teachers are valuable.”

Not sure if I should be disgusted or saddened.

The reality of the DSEA seeking to maintain political influence at the expense of the plain, obvious truth has just crossed every line imaginable with those words. Jack Markell is against teachers, with every ACTION he takes. The DSEA seems to only pay attention to his words, which are occasionally lukewarm to nice on the subject of teachers. But his actions are deliberate and offensive to the profession. I have sat in a room with high school students and the Governor and watched him tell students that 60-65% of teachers love their data coaches and PLCs, and the other 30-35% haven’t been in a PLC “run right”, as if teachers are too stupid to know their data coaches were mostly edu-jargon ready, corporate trained frauds from Wireless Generation. Lies. He lies.

He moved the dates out on TELL Delaware to hit 60% when his goal was 80% then has not done anything with the results FOR teachers.  HE DOES NOT CARE.

Teachers, I am certain of two things: you are professionals and you are not monolithic in your views. If you do not get engaged with your union, you are going to find 2015-2016 to be a VERY bad year. Component V will come back from its one year hiatus and will be armed with awful, untested data from the SBAC tests from the CCSS testing consortia, and it will be gunning for you.

Drop the Stockholm Syndrome and get involved. Please.

Lastly, before anyone starts in on me, I know, I know: who am I to have an opinion, I’m not a member, I’m not a teacher, blah blah blah. That’s a crappy way of saying to others to not pay attention to what I’m saying even though it’s the truth. Don’t kill the messenger, my sources on the above are all public, not backroom info or secrets here.