Matt Di Carlo: New Data Show High Teacher Attrition in DC

The Michelle Rhee miracle in action…not.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Matthew Di Carlo of the Shanker Institute reports a new study of teacher attrition in the District of Columbia.

The numbers of teachers leaving the district are startling. Whether it is working conditions or policy, the District is not a good place to work.

DCPS has an attrition rate of 25%, far above the national average.

But it is far higher in the highest-poverty schools, as much as 40%.

Di Carlo notes:

“Now, it’s important to note, first of all, that this level of churn, overall and/or in how it varies by school poverty, may not be unusual for districts similar to DCPS (for example, the overall rate of 25 percent is probably roughly comparable to other big city districts). In other words, this may be less a DCPS problem than a large urban district problem (and the raw figures certainly cannot be chalked up to specific policies, in DC…

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