Engaging v. Empowerment #netDE #eduDE




7 thoughts on “Engaging v. Empowerment #netDE #eduDE

  1. 4equity2

    So what does OCR have to say about this? To sum it up; behavior problems are the direct result of teachers not engaging their students.

    It’s that simple.

    1. 4equity2

      Would it be reasonable to assume that empowerment required some level of engagement? And that engagement is an interactive activity?

    1. 4equity2

      I graduated. UD in ’87, and don’t recall anything but a student centered focus in all of my teacher training. It has continued to be my focus- and I am not alone. The biggest obstacles I have faced in this pursuit are policies that are content focused, (CC, for example), driven by unyielding pacing guides, and include insisting that all children are college bound.

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