Moody’s Declares Charter Schools Are The Death of Urban Districts


Moody’s Analytical located just north of us in West Chester, issued a report elaborating Charters are not good for economically weak urban areas… Is Wilmington one?  YES!!!!!!

“Charter schools pull students and revenues away from districts faster than districts can reduce their costs”, says Moody’s. “As some of these districts trim costs to balance out declining revenues, cuts in programs and services will further drive students to seek alternative institutions including charter schools.”

The cities where over a fifth of the students are enrolled in charter schools are Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C….

Below are the four factors which  cause urban Public School decline  whenever charters are allowed, according to Moody’s.

Factor 1:

The school district is already financially pressured and grappling with weak demographics

Factor 2

School districts have a limited ability to adjust operations in response to a loss of enrolment to charter…

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