Mom & Teacher to School Board: End High Stakes Testing !!

Grassroots Mom

GatorbonBC outs herself –> I have decided it is time to speak up – I have been blogging, posting, tweeting, and fighting for our schools and children for years – behind my pseudonym ‘GatorBonBC’.

Now it is time to take the risk and speak up beyond just my school board walls and Facebook pages. Here is my speech to my local school board urging them to sign our Resolution Against High Stakes (Standardized) Testing.

This speech is a year old, but I thought now is a good time for me to remind our leaders to slow down on this over testing of our children. Florida Legislature is headed back to session soon and we are hoping for an end to this nonsense.

BTW – My local school board agreed to a resolution on high stakes testing and a few of our board members even took it to our state board…

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