Former DE Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery now just making up a new name for CCSS to cover the stink

The latest bullshit ed-reform strategy, wrap your program up in a new package and call it something else:

Common Core is No More, Sort Of


Common Core is No More, Sort Of

Credit Gwendolyn Glenn / WYPR
In 2014, Maryland Superintendent Dr. Lillian Lowery is rebranding the controversial Common Core Standards. She now refers to them as the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards.

With confusion still swirling around the Common Core State Standards, it is no surprise that it is high on state and local education officials’ list of priorities for 2014.

The controversial standards, which outline what students need to learn in math and English/language arts, have gotten a bad rap from parents and some educators as well. As criticism of the standards has intensified, Maryland Superintendent of Schools Lillian Lowery announced that she will no longer refer to them as the Common Core. “We’ve gone from using the term Common Core State Standards to Maryland College and Career Ready Standards,” Lowery said.

Many people think the standards are some rigid, federally mandated rules that dictate what is taught in the classroom, which they aren’t. In fact, the standards give state and local officials and teachers a lot of leeway. Lowery says her administration has put “the Maryland touch” to the standards in developing a curriculum, so theirs can’t be lumped together with other states’ efforts. “The name branding means Maryland owns it and with Maryland attached to it, people will pay more attention because it’s ours,” she said.

And Lowery hopes the new name will reduce the confusion associated with the standards and new curriculum. “The confusion over it is a communication problem at every level, so a part of the rebranding…could on one level be a communication technique that could help people better understand what we’re trying to do,” she said.


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7 thoughts on “Former DE Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery now just making up a new name for CCSS to cover the stink

  1. 4equity2

    To paraphrase what Lillian Lowery said to our entire school faculty after an abusive verbal tirade by our principal, “Honey, you need to get over yourself.”

    1. John Young

      She was a great “fake” listener. She literally does not care what other people think, never has. Her way or the highway.

      She snowed DSEA for three years solid.

      1. John Young

        you may. she did: 5-2 with Scheinberg and Young voting no to joining the RTTT MOU that has wrought so much destruction upon our teachers..

  2. kilroysdelaware

    So now it’s like a game of bait and switch with Common Core Standards! But just the same bullshit with a different color ribbon wrapped around it. Perhaps with Mark Murphy the new Chief for Change agent for Delaware can get some pointers from the Grand Wizard of Change Jeb Bush.

    1. John Young

      Edreformers like Lillian and Mark will stop at nothing to lie about what the are doing to key stakeholder groups. Nothing.

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