Robert Reich: Are We a Decent Society?

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If we truly want better education for all, then we must be concerned about the high levels of poverty and income inequality in our society. Social scientists have long known that family income and education are highly correlated with academic performance and educational attainment. If we reduce poverty, we increase students’ chances of having good health, a secure home, and the conditions that support learning.

In this context, Robert Reich’s recent article about poverty in America is relevant. Although he says that only Romania has more child poverty than the U.S. among developed nations, Romania was stuck in a repressive dictatorship for decades until 1989, and should not be in the same comparison group with the world’s most powerful economy. We are truly–in this humiliating statistic–#1.

This is the issue that “reformers” don’t want to talk about. They say that if you talk about what matters most, you are making…

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