DE Secretary of Education downplays ideological aspect of joining Jeb Bush’s Education group in letter to state legislator.

Well, here we have the letter and an e-mail. To quote Kilroy, this is a classic case of one lied and the other swore to it.

First, the e-mail:

From: Scott, Darryl (LegHall)
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 1:57 PM
To: Names removed to protect the innocent
Cc: Valerie Longhurst; Schwartzkopf, Peter (LegHall); Finnigan, Sean (LegHall)
Subject: Mark Murphy and Chiefs for Change

Education Committee Members:

Before the holidays it was announced that Mark Murphy joined the organization Chiefs for Change. I spoke with MaryKate McLaughlin and received the following letter from Mark explaining his rationale for the formalizing his relationship with this organization. The reason for my delay in forwarding this information was that I was away for the holidays until yesterday.

As you will see from the attached PDF, many of the organization’s guiding principles are consistent with the reform initiatives we’ve been championing in Delaware over the past couple of years.

1) Recruit, Reward and Retain Excellent Teachers and Leaders: In Delaware we’ve made changes to our teacher evaluation system and are working on initiatives to reform the compensation structure for our teachers with these goals in mind.
2) Reward Excellence: We’ve implemented several initiatives to recognize schools for success in closing the achievement gap.
3) Replace Failure with Success: Partnership zone schools, focus schools and school improvement grants are examples of Delaware initiatives in alignment with this goal.
4) High Academic Standards: Our adoption of the Common Core State Standards based on rigorous internationally benchmarked standards are meant to prepare all students to be career and college ready upon graduation from high school. The World Language Immersion programs are another example of a Delaware initiative that aligns to this goal.
5) Transparent and Rigorous Accountability:The charter school performance framework and the use of our longitudinal data systems – recognized as one of the best in the US – allow us to drive instructional decisions and student interventions.
6) Viable Options for All Students: Innovative programs such as those being piloted with the BRINC
(BRandywine, Indian River, New Castle County Votech, Colonial) Consortium which is focused on delivering personalized learning for each of the students they serve.

Just as with our efforts, some of which you support and others not, there are elements of the organizations efforts which may differ from ours but that does not diminish the value Delaware and Mark can receive from associating with the organization and leaders who share our desire to transform our education system to provide our children the best possible education. Please review the attached information and let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you,

Darryl M. Scott
State Representative – 31st District

Chairman House Education Committee

302.744.4351 office

This is a very disturbing e-mail for the things it doesn’t say, or rather assumes about buy in and support for the reform agenda being pushed by Governor Markell (D-Rodel, D-Duncan, D-Chicago). Clearly Rep. Scott (D-Rodel, D-ALEC) has decided that it is his job to convince peers that Mark Murphy’s (D-New Leaders, D-Rodel, D-Vision 2015)  decision is sound, or at least confirm that he is drinking the Kool-Aid and you should too.

attached to the email is Secretary’s Murphy’s (D-Rodel, D-New Leaders, D-Vision 2015) response, here:

Notice that the entire push is to minimize the organization he’s joined solely to placate the apparently gullible Rep from Dover and his peers. It’s smarmy construct completely glosses over the fact that this organization is pushing for more testing, more teacher vilification strategies, vouchers and privatization of PUBLIC schools. This isn’t a personal PLC or a “supper club” as a commenter here has posted, it’s a full-on, confirmation bias, circle jerk echo chamber.

Delaware education doesn’t get better for this: it gets worse.

Shame on Rep. Scott (D-Rodel, D-ALEC) for A) buying in and B) daring to suggest to GA peers that they should too. Clearly, Rep. Scott (D-Rodel, D-ALEC) has crossed the line and turned “his” committee into a gigantic rubber stamp for Gov. Markell (D-Rodel, D-Duncan, D-Chicago) and his education agenda and not as a “check and balance” which is the most basic and important governance concept of our Representative Republic.

Makes one wonder if Mr. Murphy ever bothered to ask the DSEA what they think of C4C? Oh to have that knowledge…

Additionally, this whole affair of joining C4C and the quest to reinforce it by Rep. Scott (D-Rodel, D-ALEC) is underpinned by ZERO press release and done just before the holiday break. A coincidence? Nope, just a dose of plain ol’ awful.

Please note, this group has an agenda that was also included in Rep Scott (D-Rodel, D-ALEC) email:

notice the commitment to close schools with ZERO parameters other than you better not be “shuffling”. Insane decision to join this group. Insane.


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