** UPDATE** Is Secretary Murphy rattled by the revelation that he has joined the radical, right wing, state chief think tank last month?

***UPDATE 1/4/13 *** I am meeting a source for lunch on Tuesday in Sussex for a copy of the document and an E-mail sent by prominent DE legislator.  I will scan and upload Tuesday eve


Strong sources in Sussex County are feeding back to me that a damage control letter was sent out by Murphy to at least one State representative.  Transparent Christina is working overtime to verify the existence of this letter with no success thus far.

I will update the readership as soon as this can be verified.

If true, it will be interesting to read our Chief for Change’s take on things, and even more interesting to see to whom is Mr. Murphy peddling his Kool-Aid and are they drinking it or spitting it out.


4 thoughts on “** UPDATE** Is Secretary Murphy rattled by the revelation that he has joined the radical, right wing, state chief think tank last month?

  1. MHS

    Ok, I’m not sure why this is thought to be so secret. I listened to the State Board’s recording and the Secretary talked about the group he joined and it seems handed something to the board while he was discussing it. That was a public meeting, was recorded and available online, not sure why anyone would think he hadn’t done similar outreach to explain why he joined the group to other stakeholders. If I were a betting person I’m thinking he probably reached out to all or at least most stakeholder groups around the same time. I’m baffled by why you think this is a matter of cloak and dagger secrecy.
    I’ve read the concerns from others on blogs about some political connections affiliated with the group and read that there are many more R’s than D’s in the group – in the end does that matter? Just because the Secretary is in what essentially is a “supper club” type group for other Sexretary of Ed’s where they share ideas and strategies that doesn’t mean that very idea being done in FL is going to be done here. Ultimately the laws are still set by legislators and policies still set by state and local board members, just my opinion but it seems that much more is being made of this than is warranted.

    1. John Young

      So, why is he only doing after the fact damage control. There was no prideful announcement of this. It was a favor to CFC since they are under fire for their bogus policy initiatives.

      Once discovered, he’s getting questioned and forced to respond. He joined in a very non-transparent fashion, a group of state chiefs (not a supper club) to buttress negligible support for reforms that are, in my opinion harmful to schools, and in the opinion of the tests Mr. Murphy worships, not helping.

      the real question is: Why are you OK with this?

      1. MHS

        Whether he is a member or not is not going to change the direction of the initiatives that you are so opposed to per your blog posts (accountability systems, college and career ready standards, assessments aligned to those standards, teacher and leader evaluation systems that include student performance data as a metric) those items are already underway in DE. Murphy’s involvement in this group will not cause those already ongoing efforts to change. That’s why I don’t de the big deal, these initiatives are already either in implementation or in development, this group I see as a way of learning from others.
        However, from your role as a school board member how are you using your policy maker role to reflect your opinions on these matters? How do you think His involvement in this group changes this direction or impedes your authority as a board member?

      2. John Young

        Yes, I am against those initiatives you listed because Mr. Murphy deploys them with a zealotry driven by ideology, not evidence. My fear is his immersion into an echo chamber hell bent on confirmation bias will stagnate DE education and undercut any meaningful reforms.

        The best thing we have going right now from Board Member action is CSD’s rejection of the bogus teacher bonus initiative thus tricking Sec. Murphy into taking our RTTT money. It was sheer genius work on our part. At least that yoke has been removed!

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