Attention Common Core supporters who think it’s not about the tests.

David Coleman, Governor Markell’s buddy chatting about the CCSS and their impact.

If you watch no other video, especially if you are a practitioner, watch this one, and you will instantly recognize all the ways DE is screwing this up, according to David Coleman.


3 thoughts on “Attention Common Core supporters who think it’s not about the tests.

  1. i actually watched this on another site… (well, left the tab running and listened while I did other stuff), and really didn’t see anything here at all. Did you see the bottle of Crown Royal out of which he was drinking?

    1. John Young

      Yes, interesting part of the video is in the innocuous assertions that CCSS should REDUCE workload and FOCUS our teachers on only what matters.

      If a program, whose alleged calling card is simplicity and common sense, is causing this much disruption and training to be done, it is, by ITS OWN MARKERS OF SUCCESS, in the midst of its own failure.

      He also , blatantly says we need to teach to tests and to pretend otherwise is dumb. He just covers himself by saying the test must be the right test.

      By whose proclamation? his?

      What a train wreck.

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