We’re more than the Common Core

Teaching in DC


We wake up early, every morning, ready to teach,

and we look forward to opening our classroom door.

We quietly ponder which student we’ll reach,

because we’re more than the Common Core.

We spend countless hours planning lessons ahead,

and we genuinely desire for our students to soar.

We reflect on each school day before resting in bed,

because we’re more than the Common Core.

We deliver instruction, plus manage off-task behaviors,

and we interact with students from eight to four.

We teach with conviction and with zero disclaimers,

because we’re more than the Common Core.

We seek ways to increase our students’ learning,

and we try to influence their lives, like never before.

Like Rafe, we teach like our hair is burning,

because we’re more than the Common Core.

We’ll always advocate for, and defend, public education,

but we don’t seek fame, profits or a national tour.

We believe…

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One thought on “We’re more than the Common Core

  1. Of course you’re more than the Common Core, and don’t let anyone convince you differently! We will continue to fight for students, parents, and teachers who have true education of students in their hearts and who work to keep students involved in a positive way. Don’t give up the fight!

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