Friedberg: stupid textbooks + stupid teachers = stupid kids


Okay–though he doesn’t exactly say this in his December 11th op-ed, which could essentially serve as both a plug for the Common Core and an advertisement for profiteering corporations like Pearson (and which Paul Thomas suggests is the “Worst Education Op-Ed of 2013“), Solomon Friedberg reflects on America’s “appalling” PISA scores and wonders if our students can ever “get smart.” In short, Friedberg concludes that the Common Core is the answer to our country’s educational woes, but that we need to focus on three issues: textbooks, teachers, and testing.

Where to begin…

Textbooks: while I don’t think anyone would disagree that students should be working with the best materials available to them, in placing so much importance on textbooks (he says they not only shape students’ understanding, but that teachers are essentially useless without them–more on that later), Friedberg has effectively reinforced the narrow, myopic approach to education…

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