Teacher: Child Abuse in My Classroom

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Mark Naison, co-founder of the BATs, sent me this story by a teacher:

The Child Abuse Imposed by Testing:

By Bronx Teacher Chris Whitney

I had a student leave my classroom in an ambulance last year during the middle of a practice test. He was having an asthma attack brought on by panic. He kept saying, “I can’t do this.”

As his teacher, I knew him. I knew that “school” was hard for him and he was trying his best. We all were trying our best to support him: his mom, brother, teachers old and new, staff at school, and the class… his community. Yet, it was not enough that day. I encouraged him to take the test, to keep going, but to what end? To engage with something I knew that he, and many other students were and are not ready to do?

Except, the “expectation” is that all…

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