Some Stunning (and Shocking) Facts to Reflect upon This Christmas Day

Diane Ravitch's blog

This is a mind-blowing video about wealth inequality in America today.

These are facts to reflect upon this Christmas Day.

Inequality is huge and growing in our beloved nation.

A tiny proportion of our population owns a vast amount of our nation’s wealth.

Wealth inequality, like income inequality, has grown dramatically in the past generation.

There really is a 1% that owns an unbelievable amount of the nation’s assets.

Those who live in poverty have next to nothing, a statistical blip, and the share owned by the middle class is small.

Sometimes, I am inclined to think that all the ink spilled on “school reform” is misdirected.

Maybe our attention is being purposely diverted from far more important issues, like inequality and poverty.

Why are we indifferent to the fact that nearly a quarter of our children live in poverty?

Why do “reformers” insist that poverty doesn’t matter, that “great…

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