Knox County, TN Teachers are clearly getting their students to think critically!! #EPICENTER of excellence!

First this:

Now this:


Why are these two kids so much more well versed than our Governor and his Chief for Change?


Why Teachers Don’t Like the Common Core

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Although Arne Duncan, Jeb Bush, the New York Times, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Exxon Mobil have done their best to create an air of inevitability about the Common Core (the train has left the station), parents and teachers continue to object to the imposition of these untested standards written mostly by non-educators.

In this article, which appeared in the Journal News in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York, Melissa Heckler and Nettie Webb–veteran educators– explain their objections to the Common Core.

They insist that what matters most in education is the interaction between teachers and students, not a scripted curriculum or higher standards.

They write:

Through the knowledge of subject content, teaching strategies, and brain research, teachers strive to reach and teach every child. The scripted modules undermine the essential teaching relationship by preventing the individualized exchange between teacher and student, the hallmark of active learning…

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Education policy “wonks” + pop culture = train wreck

These are the people our Chief for Change swears allegiance to. Seriously.