DSEA refuses to put a face on their demon and call it Gov. Jack Markell

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Children’s development is unique. Any parent can tell you that.

So when it comes to educating our state’s children, tests alone cannot measure student success.

Educators and parents alike know that not all children demonstrate progress in the same way or at the same time.

In school, we use more than quizzes and tests to judge student progress.

The Delaware Association of School Administrators and the Delaware State Education Association support an educator evaluation system that includes the concepts of professional growth, continuous improvement, and quality assurance.

This system also should hold educators and administrators accountable for student growth, but only within areas which they control.

The system must embody the principles of fairness, reliability, transparency and common sense.

It cannot disrupt the learning environment and must be respectful of the education profession.

However, the state has implemented a system and developed measures which do not let administrators…

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2 thoughts on “DSEA refuses to put a face on their demon and call it Gov. Jack Markell

  1. Jack Polidori

    John, this is a perfect example of how you marginalize yourself. This is not about personal vendetta…except when it comes to the person(s) whom you determine to be the recipient of your personal scorn. It happens to be about policy. For a minute, I do not believe you will ever grasp that fact. And absent that epiphany, you remain a shrill voice notwithstanding the good substantive insights you have demonstrated in the past.
    Best wishes for a peaceful holiday and healthy New Year.

    1. John Young


      The intense failure to recognize policy and personal was not blurred by me, no matter how many times you say it’s me, it doesn’t make it me. The facts are that the DSEA has played a role steeped in a strategy of mollification. Bloggers, like myself, deploy hyperbole to reveal the truth to those left willing to try and understand. To those in denial or those who have been involved and have regrets, I cannot offer solace. The degree to which my blogging about the visceral and truly personal nature with which our Governor and Secretary are going after an entire professional community of teachers and damn near a generation of kids is offensive to those in comity, I offer no apology or remorse. I stand here to fight their bad policies as an elected official and to point out their intentional affiliations with questionable organizations who are actively dismantling the teachers union in DE and frankly the country. I thought today’s letter by Ms. Jenner was strong, but if is just another attempt to seat oneself at the table, it is doomed to fail.

      It is not I in need of an epiphany, sir.

      To the end of wish a happy holiday season, I wish you and your family a peaceful season and a happy new year as well.

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