BREAKING NEWS! Delaware State Secretary of Education Joins nation’s most right-wing, pernicious ed-reform organization, period. #DemocratGovernor?

Here are a few bullet web links about Chiefs for Change, Jeb Bush’s organization:

Example of how CFC supports laws like SB51, the worst bill to come out of Delaware’s 147th GA:

Here is their manifesto:

It is a bellwether day in Delaware. The truth is finally exposed. All pretensions are gone.

Mark Murphy is anti-teacher. He is anti-evidence. He is anti-efficacy. He is pro-profit.

He is a member of Chiefs for Change.

Check out his buddies. Check out this teacher destroying mafia. Jack Markell has outsourced his cabinet member to a radical right wing group of zealots.

Want proof this is designed to fly under the radar? focus on links aboove as to CFC ranks dwindling combined with ZERO DOE PRESS RELEASE.  Where is Alison May? Why no proud press conference. This smells like a political favor. Who does Jack owe, and why? 

Make no mistake Delaware, our DOE is 100% against our teacher, schools and students. They exist only to satisfy $$ and their own sad egos.

check out this list of education destroyers:



Mark Murphy
Delaware Chief

Mark Murphy



John White
Louisiana Chief

John White


New Jersey

Chris Cerf
New Jersey Chief

Chris Cerf


New Mexico

Hanna Skandera
New Mexico Chief

Hanna Skandera



Janet Barresi
Oklahoma Chief

Janet Barresi


Rhode Island

Deborah A. Gist
Rhode Island Chief

Deborah A. Gist



Kevin Huffman
Tennessee Chief

Kevin Huffman


Members Emeritus

Member Emeritus

Tony Bennett

Member Emeritus

Stephen Bowen

Member Emeritus

Paul Pastorek

Member Emeritus

Gerard Robinson

Member Emeritus

Eric Smith

Chiefs for Change Adds Delaware K-12 Secretary Mark Murphy as New Member

By Andrew Ujifusa on December 16, 2013 4:05 PM

When I interviewed New Mexico K-12 chief Hanna Skandera for my story about the group she leads, Chiefs for Change, she mentioned, without being asked, that the group expected one or two new members to be joining in the near future. She was coy when I asked her to name names, but the organization’s website has provided at least one answer—Mark Murphy, education secretary in Delaware, is now listed as the seventh member. When I wrote the story for the last print edition of Education Week, Chiefs for Change could claim six members, down from the high of nine in early 2012. 

There’s no recent press release officially announcing Murphy as a new member, but his spokeswoman, Alison May, told me that he joined last week, after my story went to press. He officially became a member Dec. 10.

Murphy was appointed Delaware’s education secretary in 2012, when he was appointed by Gov. Jack Markell, a Democrat, and confirmed by the state senate. Before his nomination, he served as the executive director of the Vision Network of Delaware, an organization that seeks “to accelerate student achievement through improved leadership, classroom instruction, and school culture.” Broadly speaking, their goal is to ensure a “world-class education to all public school students by 2015,” according to the Vision Network’s most recent annual report

He’s also worked at the nonprofit group New Leaders for New Schools, now called just New Leaders, where he helped develop school leadership standards for 200 principals in 10 cities.

“Delaware is committed to transformational change to improve outcomes and achievements for our students, and for the educators that work with them every day,” Murphy says in a statement on Chiefs for Change’s website. “The guiding principles of Chiefs for Change— revolving around excellence, accountability, high standards, and quality options for our students—are directly aligned to the principles that have been guiding our work in Delaware.” 

 Not surprisingly, Murphy clearly expresses his support for the Common Core State Standards, which is frequently and vigorously backed by Chiefs for Change and Markell as well

Let’s hope it all ends this way:

ANOTHER CHIEF FOR CHANGE BECOMES A FORMER CHIEF — Maine’s education commissioner Stephen Bowen will leave that post Sept. 12 to become innovation director at the Council for Chief State School Officers. The departure of Bowen, also one of the Chiefs for Change, means that the ranks of the Jeb Bush-created group of state leaders who are actually actively serving as state education leaders will drop to six out of 11. Bowen’s move comes on the heels of Florida’s Tony Bennett stepping down earlier this month. Bowen was appointed in 2011 and helped work on the state’s school grading system, which gives A-F letter grades to schools based on student test scores.


3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS! Delaware State Secretary of Education Joins nation’s most right-wing, pernicious ed-reform organization, period. #DemocratGovernor?

  1. Marlo Stansfield

    Our so-called leaders are getting in bed with deep-pocketed, Koch-brother like, “education” reformers. For what? Probably a fat amount of money to put out a trojan-horse PR campaign through RODEL.

    This is who Markell, er Murphy, is hooking up with:

    These are the donors to Jeb Bush’s foundation whose money will now be funneling into our Dept. of Ed initiatives:

    Next thing you know, Michelle Rhee will be Markell’s special guest at his State of the State…

    1. John Young


      The Foundation for Excellence in Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization, focused on K-12 education reform, state-by-state. Our work is funded through the generous support of the following philanthropies:

      Bloomberg Philanthropies
      Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
      The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
      Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
      GE Foundation
      The Kovner Foundation
      The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
      Robertson Foundation
      Susan & Bill Oberndorf Foundation
      Walton Family Foundation

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