WE (Delaware Students) Need School Districts To Hold The Line On Class Size


Christina’s School Board didn’t go through with it… they took the waiver… Red Clay made waves by saying no to the waiver… Capital followed suit.. no waiver….

The Murphy DOE administration has said, “we can’t have this fight”, particularly now with trying to resuscitate Common Core, and brought pressure on members of Red Clay to a) retake the vote, and b) to make sure it changes its original intent to  not seek a waiver…  In other words there is great pressure on Red Clay to pass the waiver….

As expected the choice those members of the board have are the following….  a) acquiesce to the Markell-Murphy-Sokola triumvirate and do what they want, or b) stand up for every child, every parent, every teacher in their district and draw the line saying no to the waiver….

Behind closed doors and with no one knowing, it is a foregone conclusion.  One…

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