Testing Expert Calls for Moratorium on Common Core Testing

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Fred Smith, who worked for many years in the research department of the New York City Board of Education (back when it had a research department, not a public relations department), offered the following testimony at public hearings in New York City on the Common Core testing (he was limited to only two minutes to speak):

My Two Minutes at the December 11, 2013 Forum in Manhattan – Spruce Street School

Chancellor Tisch, Commissioner King, thank you for visiting us.

I didn’t come here to discuss the merits of the Common Core, or rigorous standards, or high expectations, or equity for all children.

I’m here to call for a moratorium on all New York State testing associated with the Common Core, because the tests themselves are indefensible.

The 2013 exams were developed by trying out items on samples of children in June 2012.  The State Education Department and its test…

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