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Anecdotes on teacher evaluation, horror-show edition @NCTQ

About Pearson, the Golden Goose State Standards, And Then Some

Fallacy Behind The Whole Push For Common Core….


Remember No Child Left Behind?   It was deemed to be a failure…  Yet despite being a failure over all, it did accomplish a small amount of good.  It showed us through data the inequality existing across our school system… Some states were better then others over all, but … even in those states were schools whose differences in schools, match those same spread of differences across the country….

The problem with No Child Left Behind was not that it identified those schools which were failing… but that it did absolutely nothing to help them….

New administration:  new name: Common Core…

The premise behind Common Core that if we make the tests harder, and the stakes higher, children will suddenly start learning…. is simply plain wrong….

If an athlete can’t make the high jump of 7’6″,  raising the bar to 9′ and threatening to fire his coach, is not going…

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Delaware’s Kicks Student’s Of Low-Income, Further Down A Rung


The causes of poverty are complex and varied:

Yet the list of solutions is strikingly short. Other than picking a kid’s parents, it amounts to giving all children access to a high-quality education.

Here’s the catch-22. While the only long-term solution to poverty might be a good education, a good education is seldom available to children living in poverty…..

Philadelphia has really screwed up a lot of kids. So has Milwaukee,  And Chicago.. And DC….  all places where education reform has bulldozed down the existing public school structure, allowed for charters, then walked away of all accountability…. It is about to happen here in Wilmington, as well.

It starts with the Chamber of Commerce.  Then the Newspaper and media jump on.  Then a mysterious foundation materializes and begins issuing communiques that miraculously always land on the front page…

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