Guess Who Really Wants Common Core Now? Principals!


2 thoughts on “Guess Who Really Wants Common Core Now? Principals!

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  2. 4equity2

    1. The last thing I did on Friday afternoon was take a survey on the implementation of the Common Core in our own building. A few questions in, I realized, yet again, the wording of the questions and limited responses were intended to misrepresent my true opinion and, instead, assert another’s.

    2. The Delphi Technique? I just didn’t know it had a name. It is clearly the strategy I have seen implemented by principals, district, and state DOE representatives. I have enumerated it’s characteristics to colleagues to get them to see how we were (are) being manipulated. The response I most frequently encounter is one of disbelief, insisting this couldn’t be intentional, and “it just seems that way”
    Just look at any School Leadership Team. It is frequently weighted with not the true leaders and best thinkers in the building, but the best followers.

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