PISA, Christmas, and Truth

Reclaim Reform

PISA scores have again caused an avalanche of media talking heads screaming their propaganda about whatever they have been paid to scream by the Corporate Education Industrial Complex.
Don’t believe results that omit the main factor in the numbers – poverty. Poverty with all its related deprivations.

Christmas in 1848 and the Truth will be connected, but first read what real experts are saying about the PISA scores, our children, our schools and our teachers.
Read Diane Ravitch HERE.
Read the Washington Post HERE.
Read School Finance 101 HERE.
Read G.F. Brandenberg HERE.
Watch the American Federation of Teachers’ video HERE.

A Christmas Carol published in 1843 by Charles Dickens tells the Truth about what all of these and other education experts concluded.

Ignorance and want1

“This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both… but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I…

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John Kowalko III separates the wheat from the chaff re: Delaware Charter Schools.

Good Job John!

VAM Fails Test, Again: The Bizarro World of Education Reform

radical eyes for equity

The great state of South Carolina (and for full effect, you should hear that with “great” and “state” rhyming, sort of, with “pet” because that is how the good ol’ boy patriarchy says it around here) continues down a path all too familiar across the U.S.: adopt any and all education reform policies that other states are rushing to implement, even (and maybe especially) when research fails to support the practices.

I have catalogued the inexcusable political and public support in SC for retaining third graders based on high-stakes testing scores—a policy directly linked to Read, Florida.

And despite equally ample evidence to the contrary about basing teacher evaluations on value added methods (VAM), also a corrosive policy in Florida, Charleston, SC is moving forward with BRIDGE, characterized by Peter Smyth as A BRIDGE to I Have No Clue Where.

Public policy implementing grade…

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More on the Common Core: Achieve, Inc., and Then Some



I hesitate to publicly confess that I find reading tax forms interesting, but it is true– especially as concerns the many nonprofits that are imposing their wills upon the American classroom. The IRS 990 offers much information on a nonprofit in a concise format, not the least of which are a nonprofit’s salaried individuals, board members, primary expenses, donors, and solvency.

I have written a number of posts related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In this post, I examine a key organization in the creation of CCSS: Achieve, Inc. Whereas my reading Achieve’s tax documents served as the launch for this post, it certainly did not stop there.

Allow me to show you.

“State-led” Achieve

According to its website, Achieve, Inc., was founded in 1996 “by leading governors and business leaders.” The effort was well financed, with Achieve registering $2 million in total assets in 1997. By 2001…

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