Delaware Teacher exposes #CCSS scripted lessons. #thisdoesnothappen #yeahright #netDE #DCASfraud

A public school teacher in Delaware wrote the following moving piece but asked not to be identified out of fear of retaliation. It explains what is happening to many teachers who are being given scripted lessons  aligned to the Common Core State Standards by their principals and district superintendents.  Note that this teacher is not opposed to standards. It’s an important point, as critics of the Common Core’s implementation in many school districts have been accused of being opposed to standards and wanting to keep the “status quo.”


Makes me 100% certain, there is no cheating on DCAS, not.


One thought on “Delaware Teacher exposes #CCSS scripted lessons. #thisdoesnothappen #yeahright #netDE #DCASfraud

  1. This was an awesome roundup… Very well done. If you don’t understand why every parent familiar with Common Core is up in arms against it, this will explain why.

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