News Journal Editorial Board, in the tank for the DOE and shaming parents too.

Every time I think there’s a low point, they just go lower:–Know-what-to-ask-before-school-closes?nclick_check=1


Kudos to the state Department of Education for its ability to quickly pull together an informational session to aid Reach Academy for Girls students, who face closure of their school come June.The Dec. 11 event will symbolize for the second time the unfortunate failure of the state’s first charter school devoted to the academic achievement of girls. Fortunately it is being held early enough for the parents and their daughters to apply to attend other charter schools or Delaware’s traditional mixed-gender public schools through the School Choice program.


Keep reading to see the News Journal bow at the foot of DCAS and blame parents and DOE for not A) paying attention and B) not taking advantages of the “efficiency” of state testing.