Email to Members of RCEA re: class-size waiver

Mind of Mr. Matthews

RCEA Members:
As many of you know, Delaware State Code mandates that class sizes in grades K-3 be capped at no more than 22 students. For years, almost every school district has never met this part of state code. Meaning, class sizes have generally crept up over 22 students. It has become a regular practice for all school boards in the state to pass a waiver to this requirement. It’s become a routine. A district can’t make the class-size mandate? Pass a waiver.
Until now.
On Wednesday night, the Red Clay School Board met for its monthly meeting. On the agenda was the annual class-size-waiver vote. The Director of Elementary Schools gave a detailed, informative presentation on the waiver and listed the schools that didn’t meet the law’s requirements. Of our 14 elementary schools, only two met the class-size requirements outlined in state law. So, the District was…

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