Attention Parents….. of School Aged Children….


Hello, is this Ms. ________?   Hi, I’m with the local school association and I need to talk to you about your daughter, currently a student at ___ _ ______ elementary school,  may I proceed?

Beep, click. tone:  Thank you for giving me this time, Ms _______.  I know with your blogging duties and dealings with the board of education, that you don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief…

Your daughter appears to fall into our requirements of being tested for Cerebral Palsy, according to our diagnosis, and we would like to just go over our information with you to verify whether that is or isn’t true?

We have you down as having an household income somewhere between $100 and $150 thousand, and we have you as having a former BlueCross health plan, which is now being maintained by Highmark.   Under this plan, 80% of the…

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